TakerNet login screen (Korean)

Taker Net is a special web site that is used by Takers.


It simply appears as a black screen with a search engine in the center. If one is not a Taker, it would appear blank.


The site is exclusively for Takers; anyone else would not be able to access it properly. It seems that the site would automatically add in any new Taker that is born, as Reiji and Natsuhi found out when they tried to log in.

The type of pages include:

  1. Personal Page - The page that carries the details of the Taker, including the type of class and abilities available to them. It can only be accessed if one has the name of the Taker.
  2. Discussion Room - Where other Takers cmmunicate with each other, however as Reiji found out, they are particularly open to killing others and using game lingo to express themselves.


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