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Tachibana Haruka (Japanese: 橘晴香 ; English name order: Haruka Tachibana ) is a character from Re:BIRTH - The Lunatic Taker. she is the mother to Tachibana Ayaka and Tachibana Reiji.


Haruka made Ayaka clearly understand that she needs to take care of Reiji



Haruka starts of as a kind caring mother but in later flash back she's shown to be very cruel to her daughter,Ayaka

convincing her that she's a bad girl and abuse's her that the neighbors thought of calling child abuse.Fearing this she

began to act more nice under the conditions she takes care of Reiji whom she affectional loves.So much that she

told Ayaka to love Reiji as a member of the family and to always please him, if not she would give up on her forever.It is later revealed her mistreatment of her daughter was all because of her hatred towards her husband


Normal Human


==Background== She work in the states for a couple of years and made it to lieutenant in that time she is married and has a bad experience with her husband.which lead to her abusing her daughter taking her hate on her



So far Haruka is the one main reason why Ayaka is so attached to Reiji she convinces her that she should never forget to love, or she won't be human any more. She should treasure her brother more than any thing in the world even ,sacrifice to make him happy if not she would give upon her.For some reason Haruka hate the ideal of Ayaka being her child and abuses physically and mentally saying her life is great sin and hated her for being brought into the world, by her wishing she would disappear out of her sight,Until she heard neighbors talking of reporting her to the authorities.She seem's to love reiji quite highly than compare to his sister to the point of make Ayaka promise her to alaway's watch over him at the cost of her life.



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