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Princess (Galatea) is a character from Re:BIRTH - The Lunatic Taker. She is a mysterious Taker who is currently in the care of Life Inc.


Princess is a special Taker who wears an iron mask. She can absorb and pass out life points through a kiss. She is part of Life Inc.


She has long hair that is light blue and extends to her waist. She is often seen in a blue dress which exposes a fair bit of her cleavage, and wears high heels, thus earning her name. Some of the most notable features includes her dress eqipped with belts that are used to tie her arms to her body, and a mask that hides her face. She is often seen with a bit of blush on her cheeks


She is an extremely quiet girl that seems to have no free will of her own, allowing herself to be led by Ishigami and to be restrained almost the whole time. Despite that, she does show some of her own emotions in front of Ishigami when they are alone, expressing her concerns that he may be losing himeself in light of recent events. She has her own opinions regarding the behaviours of humans and Takers, during her discussion with Renji. She believes that there wasn't much difference to how Takers behave from humans, especially Psycopaths.


She displays the ability to absorb lifepoints from Takers or Angels, and then to distribute them to other Takers. She does this by kissing others (though that was only seen with Natsuhi's case).


She is the property of Life Inc. and the principle reason that the company can exist.
Outwardly he is the person who controls her in order to keep the other Takers in check, but when they are alone, she is the only one who knows of his feelings that he keeps inside him.
They first met when he and the others were considering to join Life Inc. She once commented that Ishigami used to be like Reiji before he changed. When Reiji was feeling torn between his guilt of selling out Ayaka and the feeling of doing what's right, she came to discuss with him about the way humans behave. Once she saw that Reiji was willing to forgive and planed to save her even if she was a psycho paths Ayaka, she decided to help him out. Notably she actually shows more emotion around him than even Ishigami.


Not much is known about her, although what can be seen during her flashbacks that she has been with Ishigami since he was a child and has been looking after him all the way till he has become an adult and turned into a Taker.





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