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Comic Alive (Kana: コミック アライブ ; Hepburn: Komikku Araibu) or Monthly Comic Alive (Kana: 月刊 コミック アライブ ; Hepburn: Gekkan Komikku Araibu) or Monthly Alive (Kana: 月刊 アライブ ; Hepburn: Gekkan Araibu) is a Japanese-language monthly pulp manga magazine published in Japan by Media Factory.

Comic Alive is the first instance publisher for Re:BIRTH -The Lunatic Taker-, publishing it first worldwide, in Japanese. Comic Alive first published Re:BIRTH in their July 2009 issue, released on 2009 May 27.



For the compendium tankoban volumes published by Media Factory, the imprint is called Alive (Kana: アライブ ; Hepburn: Araibu), when publishing chapters previously serialized in Comic Alive.

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