Angels or Tenshi (天使) are the creatures that appear in the manga, and are one of the issues in the taker world.


The Angels or Tenshi (天使) are those that eat the souls of people, causing them to commit Kirkegaard suicides in the days after, for no outward apparent reason. When they eat a soul, a Kirkegaard sorcery device is left behind (looking like an expensive piece of jewelry; that can turn into weapons). You cannot tell the size of an angel by its angellic disguise. When it sheds its disguise, the real size has no relation to its apparent size.


As the name suggests, they appear in the form of nude females with white hair and white wings. This is merely their cover though, as their true form is something more monstrous: a hulking creature with a gaping mouth and a halo resting on top of their heads, and armored arms and legs with claws. There are apparently 3 different sizes, based on their powers.


According to Misaki Ichiro, they are soul devourers who consume the souls of humans.


  • super strong
  • fast reflexes
  • endurance
  • claws
  • fangs
  • armor like body
  • diffrent power depending on size or unique to that angel
  • wings to fly
  • devour souls